The Paroli System

Paroli System is a well-known system with a positive progression that utilizes even-money wagers which provide favorable odds. Some people consider it the 'Anti-Martingale,' as it asks you to double the wager on a win rather than on a loss. There is one difference from the Martingale as the Paroli system includes a built-in failsafe to reduce losses.
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    The Paroli system is simple to learn and you can apply it to different games of chance which include even-money wagers such as Sic Bo, Roulette, Baccarat, and Craps at any Сanada online casino.

    From Where Do Paroli System Come From

    It is yet not known the exact origin of the Paroli system. According to the beliefs, the system was invented by the French producer of roulette game, Blaise Pascal. The word comes from France and the system could be old as the game of roulette.

    How to Utilize This System

    The Paroli is an altered system with positive progression. As part of the same system, you rise the bet after winning and decrease the bet after losing. The alteration requires to amend the wager after an exact number of wins. It is simple to use and you need to follow these steps:

    • Select the main bet, and place units on an even-chance wager.
    • If you win, make sure to double the main bet
    • If you lose or make three consecutive wins, just return to the main game

    Most Recommended Wagers for the Paroli

    The Paroli includes even-chance wagers such as high/low, black/red, and even/odd. Each comes with an almost 50% winning chance and a payout of 1/1. It provides the best possible odds, but the payout is very low.

    Paroli in Practice

    If you want to test your luck with the Paroli, make sure to select an initial wager of C$5 which is 5% of your C$100 loss limit. You need to place a C$5 unit on red and watch the wheel spinning.

    • The wheel will turn and the ball will probably land on 26 black. It will lead to a C$5 loss. If you place an additional C$5 chip on red, you can hope to trigger enormous prizes.
    • If the ball emerges on 5 red for payment of C$5, you can break even. If the round results in a win, you can place 2 chips on red for the entire bet of C$10 which will go into the following spin
    • If the ball arrives at 19 red, you can get another win. It will deliver an additional C$10. In this case, you double the bet while placing C$20 on red.
    • If the ball arrives at 25 red, your payout will reach C$30. This is the third win in a row and you can start over with a C$5 wager on red.
    • The wheel will spin and 24 black will be chosen for a loss of C$5, reducing the profit to C$25. You make a decision that a 5x the initial bet is enough and you can finish the session before any losses

    The previous scenario shows optimal circumstances with a winning row of 3 and 2 losses. It depicts how revising your bet to the original bet can keep your winnings. However, there is a risk of doubling every wager after a win. The next loss can annul the previous winnings.

    The success of this system depends on winning rows of 3. If the loss happened after the 2nd win, the net would be -C$10 rather than C$30.

    This Logic of Paroli

    The Paroli system aims to maximize the potential of low winning streaks by increasing the base wager 3 times in a row. In case of success, it can create up to 7x the initial bet.

    Removing numbers after every loss will prevent you from losing more money than the total amount of your starting series of digits. It means that you should utilize the loss limit to decide the number instead of using the intended profit as a base.

    Reducing the wager to its original level after three wins may decrease the potential of greater streaks. However, it will also protect your entire profit if the fourth spin results in a loss. In the case of the 3 round winning row followed by one loss, you will end with 6x the original bet.


    • Simple to use and you don’t need to write anything
    • Low risk of hitting table limits or staying without big amounts of money
    • It maximizes the potential for profit when winning lines of 3


    • Win or failure depends on getting winning streaks of three
    • It works under optimal circumstances
    • You can pass the long unsuccessful streaks

    The Parlay System

    This version is based on the Paroli formation. There is only one exception when the players need to choose their profit goal and proceed with doubling the wager with every successive win. However, there is also one situation when you need to come back to the base wager in case of a loss. If you set a profit objective at C$175, make sure to check the following table and see how it works.

    RoundWagerWin/LoseNet Gain

    The greater the profit objective, it is more likely that winning potential is going to be wasted. This version comes with a higher risk, but you can also expect a better award. If we would set a goal at C$150, the same scenario would lead to 31x the initial bet.

    Can I Rely on this System in Practice?

    Yes, it is possible, but only within a session that results in repeating winning rows of 3. There is one more scenario for additional information. The initial is an expanded session that starts with a losing row of 4 and continues with a winning line of three.

    RoundBetWin/loseNet Gain

    In the case of more losing results than winnings, the Paroli will deliver 3x the initial bet. A winning streak of three can back a losing line of up to 7 rounds.

    The following session results in 5 wins and 4 losses, but without making a profit.

    RoundBetWin/LoseNet Gain

    The system has no ability to get a traction without having 3 consecutive wins. It results in losses even if you make more wins compared to losses.

    There is also a combination of the last 2 sessions. Here you can check how a winning line of 3 backs an untypical pattern of wins/losses.

    RoundBetWin/LoseNet Gain

    This session finished with a gain of 4x the main bet despite several rows of 2 wins which are accompanied by a loss. It is able to get back due to a winning row of 3 at the end even though the ratio of 7 wins to 3 losses.

    Instructions on Responsible Gambling

    • If using any system of positive progression, choose an initial bet of less than 5% of your loss limit.
    • Systems that are based on even-chance wagers can only deliver small payouts. Don’t expect big sums with the Paroli when playing roulette.
    • Your experience with any roulette system can be different depending on the session. This is because of the unpredictability of winning and losing streaks.
    • Finish the game when you are still winning

    Does it Work for you?

    The Paroli is the right choice for you if you like using a simple system that enables you to maximize the possible profit with short winning lines. Bear in mind that roulette systems are not applicable on a long-term level and you need to stick to the short sessions and complete the round when you win.

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