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Welcome to, where you can find out everything you need to know about the Canadian online gambling scene and the best casinos to satisfy your online gaming needs. We have compiled a team of experts who between them have over 55 years’ worth of knowledge of the global online gambling action in Canada and elsewhere around the world. If you are looking for the best Canadian casinos, top-quality games and generous bonuses and promotions, all in a safe, secure environment, you are in the right place. Whether you are a newbie looking to dip your toe into the online betting scene for the first time, or a seasoned veteran, looking for new, exciting gambling experiences, we are here to help.

Introducing Our Team

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The team is 5-strong, and they know everything there is to know about the world of Canadian online casinos, and, in particular, what Canadian gamblers value most. They are:

  • Teddy Hawkins – a 43-year-old who specializes in slots and live dealer games
  • Eric Tienvrot – a 33-year-old whizz in gambling platform integrity
  • Claudia Dupris – a 32-year-old software designer
  • Jim Broadbeach – The Daddy – 50-year-old ex-pro gambler and online gaming expert
  • Steve Pellet – 41-year-old systems and finance specialist

Chief Editor M. J. Veaudry:

M. J. VeaudryMike has always been interested in the prevention of computer fraud. This led to a lifelong interest in understanding how these crimes are perpetrated, with particular focus on personal frauds that affect everyday people’s life. As a police volunteer he offers community programs about this subject – ultimately his goal as an educator is to equip everyone with information they need for financial independence “so we can all live our best lives without fear or regret.”

Mike Veaudry holds bachelor degrees in Computer Science and MBA from Boston University, where he was also able to refine his skillset by studying abroad at universities throughout Europe including Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Mike has spent over 30 years working inside various top ranking companies within multiple industries across North America (most recently Global Co. Inc.)

Mike’s Guide to Better Slot Play explains how slot machines work and provides casino players with a wealth of knowledge, strategies, techniques, as well as tips for successful play. Betting on the right machine is difficult in today’s casinos because they are all so different from one another. Mike offers to our users an authoritative guide that tells them exactly what games to steer clear of and which ones will give them their best chance at winning money!

Editor David G. Schwartz:

David G. SchwartzDavid loves gambling and history, so he created a blog to share the interesting things that he learned as an amateur historian. His favorite posts are about old-time casinos being imploded in order to make way for hotels with no charm at all! The first time he got interested in gambling was when he grew up in Atlantic City, New Jersey. There were many old hotels that now had to be demolished for newer and bigger buildings with more modern amenities such as hotel towers without the charm of his memories from childhood.

David has always been fascinated with history. In the eighth grade, he wrote an essay on how it was possible that this subject might not be as important to some people nowadays. When choosing a major in college, he decided to study both history and anthropology because they were his two favorite subjects at school; but when time came for grad school, something kept tugging him back toward teaching instead of research, perhaps just knowing what type of job would come out if you chose one path or another?

However, after taking up graduate studies, he found there are many different ways scholars can contribute their knowledge – like writing books and reviews! So, pursuing a career in Academia is still part of the plan now (if only so long as professors get paid enough). There are many areas in gambling and Las Vegas history that he is fascinated by, but his area of expertise is the early years when casinos were first opening their doors. In 2001 – after being a professor at UNLV for 10 years – David was given an opportunity to create a center focused on gaming research. Looking back now, it’s hard to imagine how much gambling world has changed since then: from slot machines taking over casino floors everywhere you looked to video poker dominating most tables today; or watching as some old-timey hotels opened up new rooms with mini bar fridges instead of bars because they thought people couldn’t handle both!

What We Check when We Vet New Online Gambling Platforms

Before we recommend any new online casino that welcomes players from Canada, that platform must have our full seal of approval. How does it get it? We check:

  • The establishment’s gambling license
  • That a platform has at least 128-Bit SSL encryption
  • The quantity and quality of games on offer and how the casino guarantees fair gaming.
  • What game software providers the platform works with
  • How mobile-friendly the platform is
  • How good the casino’s live dealer game offering is
  • The banking methods the establishment accepts
  • The currencies the platform works with
  • The quality of the House’s customer support
  • The languages spoken

As you can see, no stone is left unturned. We check everything about the casino, so you don’t have to, and player safety and security always come first.

Honesty is Our Policy

Once we have completed our checklist, then, and only then will we give that casino a rating. The rating will be an honest one. We don’t pander to the gambling houses. We are here to tell you, the player, our honest evaluation. We don’t pull any punches. Yes, we dish out praise where deserved, by we also openly criticize when appropriate.

You can trust 100%. We are here for you. Keeps You Up to Date

The online casino scene in Canada is constantly changing. New platforms are being launched, exciting new games are being released and tempting bonuses and promotions are cropping up all time. When something new and worthy of note happens, our site is updated,

You will be the first to know, but only if you are a regular visitor to our website. Bookmark our site today and keep checking back for the latest news and offers.

Going Down the DIY Route

Remember, here at we do all the hard research work, so you won’t have to. We do respect, however, that Canadians are very independent individuals and that some of you will want to do your own thing. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But if you are new to the world of online casino, we would urge caution and recommend what you need to bear in mind when you’re doing your own research:

  • Does the platform have a recognized, bona fide gambling license?
  • What integrity safeguards are built into the website?
  • Does the platform work with tried and trusted payment methods?
  • Do they promote and support responsible gambling?
  • Do they have a quality, fast response customer support facility?
  • Don’t forget to carefully read an online gambling house’s terms and conditions

We don’t take shortcuts, and neither should you. It’s player safety and security first, then comes the gaming fun.


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