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Live dealer roulette is an exciting game that all gamblers should try. Playing with a live dealer makes the experience more immersive because you'll feel like you're at a land-based location. The benefit of this is that you won't need to travel and can gamble from the comfort of your home. However, finding the top-tier games can be challenging as most sites have out-of-date games. Therefore, we've researched the market heavily the find the best content for our readers to enjoy.

Furthermore, with so many options available, it can be difficult to select a perfect roulette live game for yourself. There are multiple factors to consider before playing, which will help find the perfect roulette game. Knowing every aspect will help win more money as you'll find out more about RTP and winning strategies.

Best Live Roulette Casinos

Min Deposit
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Top 1
Lucky Nugget


105 Free Spins for C$1

Casino minimal deposit



Top 2
Spin Samurai


50 Chances to Win Jackpot for C$5

Casino minimal deposit



Top 3
Ruby Fortune Casino


105 Bonus Spins for C$1

Casino minimal deposit



Zodiac Casino


80 Free Spins For $1

Casino minimal deposit



Royal Vegas Casino


55 Bonus Spins for C$1

Casino minimal deposit



Rolling Slots Casino


200% Bonus Up to C$200 + 100 Free Spins

Casino minimal deposit



Captain Cooks Casino


Up to 100 Free Spins

Casino minimal deposit



Jackpot City Casino


50 Chances to Win Jackpot for C$1

Casino minimal deposit



Spin Casino


80 Chances to Win Jackpot for C$1

Casino minimal deposit



22Bet Casino


C$300 1st Deposit Bonus

Casino minimal deposit



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    Live Roulette Casino

    How Does Roulette Online Canada Work?

    Live casinos are the newest form of online gambling. It tries to mimic the same experience that you would find at land-based locations. A dealer will be live-streamed directly to your screen, which adds an element of authenticity.  They will spin the roulette wheel and take bets. The biggest benefit of a live casino is that you can experience the thrill of gambling from your home.

    Furthermore, players can talk to each other and the dealer, which provides a social environment. Playing live roulette Canada is a better experience, and you won’t be missing out. The RTP is exactly the same compared to non-live games, which means the odds of winning are equal.

    What Are the Best Online Live Roulette Casino?

    10 No Deposit BonusWhen playing live roulette, it’s important to gamble on a site that provides a good service. This ensures that you’re playing a fair game and the content is fine-tuned to deliver a fun experience. Their instant play bonus, customer support, and mobile application are the most important aspects to consider.

    • Betway: Players can receive up to $50 for free on their 1st The live section offers plenty of games that include blackjack, craps, and roulette. The interface on streamed games is lag-free and has a professional look. Also, they include promotions that are wager free.
    • LeoVegas: The casino has multiple options when it comes to depositing money. Also, the variety of bonus offers means that you can earn more than $400 in free credits. The live section has one of the best live roulette games the market has to offer.
    • Rox Casino: The site has a great selection of games that includes live roulette. Their dealers are extremely professional and deliver a fair experience. There is plenty of time for bets to take place, which offers a stress-free time.

    How We Test the Best Live Roulette Online Casinos

    Before we recommend a casino, it goes through a lengthy rating process that has several factors. This ensures that our readers get the best experience and find a site that offers all the services they need. These are the main aspects of a gambling site we check before recommending them:

    • Welcome and no deposit bonus: Top-tier sites will provide their users with a generous welcome package when they first create an account. This should include multiple free spins and match bonuses. Therefore, you get more chances at winning money, which can go towards roulette games.
    • Huge jackpots: The games should have huge jackpots so that gamblers have a chance at winning life-changing money. Casinos should have a section for high-risk but massive rewards.
    • Loyalty programs: All great online casinos Canada will have a VIP program that will reward players at certain milestones. Often, this takes the shape of a leveling system, which will give out free spins and other bonuses when increasing your level. Also, if the loyalty system is not hidden behind a paywall, the casino gets a better rating.
    • Live RouletteSoftware: The games should be created and provided by the leading casino software developers. This is to ensure that the content on the casino is top-quality. Also, the games should be verified by eCOGRA so that players know the content is safe and fair to play. Furthermore, the live content must be hosted by an experienced brand to avoid lag or issues with the games.
    • Mobile app: Nowadays, mobile gaming is getting more popular in the gambling community. Therefore, the casino should provide an exclusive mobile application so that gamblers can play from any location. Also, the app must be compatible with all operating software to ensure nobody is left out.
    • Quick payouts: Taking your cash out of the bankroll should be quick and easy. Fast payouts are essential for players who want to quickly take their money out. 1-2 days is an acceptable amount of time for a gambling site to transfer funds. However, taking any longer than that will result in a lower score.
    • Secure and safe: The most important factor is the measures a casino takes in player safety. SSL encryption is a great start as it prevents data breaches when gambling on a browser. Moreover, games should be verified by eCOGRA since they overlook everything to make sure the content is secure and safe.
    • Deposit process: Making a deposit should be a quick and simple process. It should only require filling out your banking details and hitting “Deposit”. Furthermore, claiming deposits should be straightforward. Lastly, the casino should save your details to make it fast when making a withdrawal.

    Roulette Variations

    Traditionally, roulette has been played in 2 variations: American and European. However, there are several more styles the game can be played. This adds a new element to the ancient game, which can make it more exciting to play. The RTP varies for each variation, and some players gravitate to higher winnings games.

    Furthermore, all these options will have similar betting choices. Gamblers can bet on colors, numbers, and sequences of numbers. All betting options have different chances to win, and the payout depends on the odds.

    • European: This is referred to as the classical version of roulette. The wheel features 1 green tile with the number 0. It’s the most popular variant that is hosted in multiple online casinos. The house has an edge of 2.7%, which is considerably lower than other options.
    • French: Out of all the game types, French offers the best odds of winning. Hitting 0 if you bet on either red or black will result in the casino giving back 50% of your stake. The table layout differs from other options and can take getting used to.
    • Immersive: This is a great variation as players will be immersed in the experience. A real-life dealer will be live-streamed and handle the wheel. The production value is excellent, and the HD video stream of the table will change angles. The game removes the need to travel to a land-based location as the dealers are well-dressed and the setting is beautiful.
    • Roulette VariationsSpeed: Speed roulette has a much faster pace compared to regular games. The betting time goes by much quicker, which means players can play more games during their sessions. Make sure to have a betting system in place before starting, as you don’t want to miss a stake.
    • La Partage: La Partage is a saying that translates to “sharing”. It’s usually automatically applied, so you won’t have to adjust the settings. If the ball lands on 0, all even stakes are split into 2.5 your bet is returned. This significantly brings the house edge down to 1.3%, which makes it easier to implement betting strategies.
    • Double Ball: In this version of roulette, the dealer spins 2 balls instead of 1. This can lead to crazy bets with 13,00 to 1 odds. Gamblers can bet the outcome of both balls and get more winnings due to the lower chance of hitting. During double ball, a European wheel is used as it’s familiar with players.
    • Dual Play: With dual play, casinos can stream games live from land-based locations. It lets gamblers who can’t make it to the casino stake bets from the internet. This is a unique take on roulette and most likely the future of casinos. Furthermore, it provides an immersive feeling as you can see other people placing bets.
    • Slingshot: This game mode features a live-streamed table without a dealer present. Instead, an automated machine will spin the wheel and perform all the bets. Furthermore, you can change camera angles and zoom in.
    • Lightning Roulette: Lightning roulette is a thrilling experience as it features unique aspects taken from multiple games. The content will feature a live roulette table, and on every spin, 5 lucky numbers are struck by lightning. The multiplier can exceed 500x, which means lucky players can get significant payouts.
    • High Stakes Roulette: The game follows the standard roulette rules but has much riskier wages. This means gamblers can win huge amounts of money with smaller bets. However, the odds of winning are reduced.
    • Low Stakes Roulette: The table uses European rules since it’s the most popular version of roulette. The table stakes are significantly lower, which is ideal for those with small bankrolls. The bets can be as low as 1 cent, and the house has a 3.5% advantage.
    • Mobile Apps For Live Gambling: Using your mobile for gambling can be great when you have time to burn. Commuting to work or relaxing at home can be done without the need to have a desktop. Also, all great online casinos will have apps that work on all operating software. The live section is optimized well to fit on a smaller screen, and the user interface is easy to navigate.


    Online casinos can have restrictions implemented to benefit gamblers. For example, if players feel like they have an addiction, they can make the casino ban them for life. Another restriction can be your location. Multiple casinos are not licensed to operate in specific countries like Canada, the USA, and Europe. However, with a VPN, you can access these sites and play. They are perfectly legal as the casinos have multiple licenses given more gambling commissions.

    Types of Bets

    Slots BonusRoulette has several different bets that players can place. The odds vary depending on the stakes, and players can find this information in the game details. Make sure that you have a solid understanding of the types of bets before playing. This will help you make better decisions when playing.

    • Classic: These stakes are done on individual numbers.
    • Split: This bet is made on any 2 numbers that are opposed to each other.
    • Street: These bets are placed on rows of 3 numbers.
    • Square: Bets placed on numbers that form a square on the roulette wheel.
    • Dozens: These stakes are placed on 3 groups of a dozen numbers. For example, 1-12, 13-24, 25-36.
    • Odd/Even: These bets are made by staking cash on either even or odd numbers. The chances of winning are almost 50%.
    • Red/Black: Players can bet on either red or black.
    • 18 Bets: These stakes cover 18 numbers in 2 groups, 1-18 and 19-36.

    Live Roulette Bonuses

    Live Roulette BonusesWhen you first begin playing live roulette, you’ll want to take advantage of the promotional content. This will give you more chances at winning cash and building your bankroll. A casino can offer these types of promotions:

    • Welcome package: The casino should provide a welcome bonus for all new gamblers. The registration bonuses should contain multiple free spins on roulette tables for better odds at winning money. Also, the wagering requirements should be low so that gamblers can withdraw much faster.
    • Cashback: Every specific day of the week, the casino will give back a certain percentage of your losses back. This helps reduce losses and gives back more money to be spent on roulette.
    • Reload: When depositing money, you’ll receive a reload bonus of up to a certain amount of money. These extra funds can be used on roulette games to provide more winning opportunities.
    • Match bonus: This promotion will make the casino match the amount you deposit in extra funds. However, there is a limit to the bonuses, which depends on the casino.

    How to Win at Roulette?

    Winning on roulette games can be challenging if you don’t implement a stratergy. Using a system will help reduce losses and give yourself better odds of winning. The most popular betting strategies to win at roulette are:

    • Martingale: Each time you lose your bet, double the next stake. The idea is that if you will eventually win and recoup your losses.
    • Grand Martingale: This system works the same as the Martingale. However, on each loss, you’ll double your bet and add 25% more to the stake. Therefore, if you win, you’re payout is significantly higher.
    • Fibonacci: This is one of the less risky options when betting. Place bets only on even numbers as there is a 49% chance of winning. Each time you win, increase the bet size by 2 times.
    • James Bond: This strategy is for those who want short-term gains. You’ll have to bet 3 times on specific numbers. First place a bet on numbers from 19-36. Then bet on numbers between 13-18 and finally bet on 0. This system is great because it gives a 66% chance of winning.

    How to Choose the Best Live Roulette Casino?

    Playing live roulette is extremely enjoyable, but you must gamble on a good casino. This is to ensure that you have a safe experience with your money. A great casino will provide plenty of variations of live roulette games and other game varieties. Also, make sure they have excellent customer support as problems can occur at any time. A live chat is brilliant for quickly getting answers, and a form will help with any bigger issues. Furthermore, the bonus codes provided  should deliver dozens of free spins.

    Why Play Live Roulette?

    Live roulette is a few casino games that are enjoyable to play. No skill is required to play, which means you can focus more on the social aspect of the game. The dealer and other gamblers can communicate via the chatbox. Also, depending on the betting strategy you use, there is a smaller chance of losing money than other casino games.

    How to Play on Mobile?

    Playing live roulette on your smartphone is a quick and easy process. First, you’ll want to download the casino application from the app store. Create an account a make a deposit. Playing games is the easiest part, as all you need to do is navigate to the live casino section. There you will see the live roulettes category, where multiple tables will be featured.

    The Benefits of Online Roulette Compared to Land-Based

    The biggest advantage of playing online compared to a land-based location is that you don’t need to travel. Gamblers can enjoy roulette from their homes and save cash on travel. Furthermore, you can decide when you want to play and not have to plan when you’re going to a casino. Also, players can enjoy more games in an hour and not have to wait for the dealer to reset the table.


    Where can I play live roulette?

    The top casinos we've mentioned have plenty of variety when it comes to live roulette. In addition, most established casinos will have a section dedicated to live games.

    Is it very different from standard online roulette?

    Yes, the whole experience is much better than a standard game. The atmosphere is completely different and immerses you in the game. Also, a social aspect is added thanks to the chatbox.

    How can I win live roulette?

    To win consistently, make sure that you have a betting stratergy in place and don't veer off. Stick to the plan as it will give you a better chance of winning.

    Is live roulette really live?

    Yes, the dealer is streamed directly from the casino to your screen. Therefore, you will see the games unfold in real-time.

    Is it worth using a strategy?

    Using a strategy is the best method of making a profit because systems use maths based on the game. Therefore, you gain a higher percentage chance of winning when using a strategy.

    Is online roulette fixed or random?

    Before playing on a casino, make sure a gambling commission licenses them. This ensures that all content on that site is safe to play. These casinos will provide a fair environment when playing live roulette.

    What is the minimum bet?

    The stakes of roulette games can vary on the category. Low-stakes roulette have bet sizes as small as 1 cent. However, the standard amount is between $1 and $0.50.

    Can I play for fun?

    Of course, players can gamble for fun. If you're not up to betting real money, you can use the casino's free money section. There you can place fake money bets and enjoy the thrill of gambling.

    Are the odds the same as physical casinos?

    The odds at land-based and online casinos are near the same. The RTP differs on all types of games, but generally, the percentage chance of winning is the same.

    What is live roulette RTP?

    RTP is the percentage return to the player. This determines the chances of a player winning on a bet. You can check the RTP of every game in the description; above 90% is ideal for getting more wins.

    How do I verify my account in a casino?

    When you create an account, the casino will want to verify your identity. This is important for when you want to withdraw, as you need to show proof that the account is yours. Players can verify their identity by submitting their passport, driver's license, or ID card to the casino.

    Can I have a bonus?

    The casino you've selected should have a promotional page where you can check the bonuses on offer. You can acquire them by depositing money and using the promotional code.

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