Best Online Keno Casinos in Canada


Are you searching for the best online sites to play Keno, but struggling to find a suitable option with the wide variety of choices? We’ve done a lot of research and found the top online casinos that host the game. Also, we’ll dive into how to play Keno and what strategies to use. When you’re finished with this guide, you’ll be a much better Keno gambler!

Best Canadian Online Casinos to Play Keno

Min Deposit
Play now
Top 1
Lucky Nugget


105 Free Spins for C$1

Casino minimal deposit



Top 2
Spin Samurai


50 Chances to Win Jackpot for C$5

Casino minimal deposit



Top 3
Ruby Fortune Casino


105 Bonus Spins for C$1

Casino minimal deposit



Zodiac Casino


80 Free Spins For $1

Casino minimal deposit



Royal Vegas Casino


55 Bonus Spins for C$1

Casino minimal deposit



Rolling Slots Casino


200% Bonus Up to C$200 + 100 Free Spins

Casino minimal deposit



Captain Cooks Casino


Up to 100 Free Spins

Casino minimal deposit



Jackpot City Casino


50 Chances to Win Jackpot for C$1

Casino minimal deposit



Spin Casino


80 Chances to Win Jackpot for C$1

Casino minimal deposit



22Bet Casino


C$300 1st Deposit Bonus

Casino minimal deposit



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    Online Keno Canada

    How We Test the Best Online Keno Canada Casinos

    how we reviewWe ensure that our reviews are unbiased because we want to be as authentic as possible to our audience. A lot of gambling sites will take payments from online casinos to create content promoting them. However, this can be harmful to players because they won’t get the real story. It’s easy to come by fake licenses and buy 5-star reviews. Therefore, we go out of our way to test each casino site thoroughly and give an honest review.

    Moreover, we have created criteria for how we rate each casino. The best casinos will provide a lot of bonuses and exciting games to ensure the user experience is amazing. Here’s what a casino must get right to receive a high rating:

    Welcome and No Deposit Bonuses

    bonusesTo keep players interested, casinos will provide amazing registration bonuses. This can include a match bonus and multiple free spins. Although wagering requirements apply, it outweighs the benefits of the chance to win free money.

    Moreover, a Keno online casino can provide a no deposit bonus, which lets players try out the games before making a cash deposit. The advantage of this is that you can win real money without risking your capital. Also, the best online Keno sites offer exclusive wager free no deposit promotions.

    Keno Casino Jackpots

    jackpotsA thrilling game type is online casino Keno jackpots because of the crazy winnings you can get. The prize pool can reach millions if enough gamblers play. The reward increases after a player lose a round. The majority of the stake will go towards the prize pool and a small percentage towards the Keno online casino.

    Only the best gambling sites will host these games, so we give these casinos a significantly better rating. This is because they give players a chance to win huge prizes and change their lives.

    Loyalty Program

    loyaltyA premium real money Keno casino will offer their fans a VIP program that comes with various benefits. Often a loyalty program will have a leveling system that gives player rewards at each stage. Gamblers can earn experience points by playing Keno casino games.

    Also, the casino can give out bonus codes to loyal players, which can be redeemed for free spins and a variety of rewards.


    softwareA website that offers minimal games gets a low score. An established casino will have multiple software providers to create a diverse library of content. Also, they will only host games from the best software developers. Their content is fair play and not rigged because authorities like eCOGRA verify them.

    The top-tier software developers are NG Gaming, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, and Microgaming. Any games from them are premium quality with amazing animations and visuals.


    securityThe safety of gamblers is an important factor in how we rank a casino. The site must implement SSL technology to protect user data. Without this, your credit card details, name, and address can be exposed. Also, the games must be verified by eCOGRA so that your money is safe while playing.

    Licensing Information

    licenseBefore you begin playing and deposit any cash, it’s important to verify that the casino is trustworthy. An easy way to do this is to see if they have verified licenses by respected gambling commissions. Licenses from the Malta Gambling Commission or the UK Gambling Commission bring a lot of trustworthiness to the table. This is because they have an outstanding reputation for overseeing casinos.

    How to Play Keno Online for Money

    Play Keno online for real money is an easy process. First, you’ll need to find a good casino that hosts keno games. Create an account and make sure to take advantage of the instant play bonus. Next, deposit cash using one of the many options available. Afterward, you can select an online Keno real money game and begin your gambling session. On most casinos, a new game will begin every minute.

    The Rules of How to Play Keno Online

    Playing online keno games is super easy once you know the main rules. The game consists of placing stakes on numbers between 1-80. After, 20 numbers are drawn at random. If any of the drawn numbers match the ones you’ve selected, you win. The amount of numbers you’ve picked and how many you hit determine the payout.

    However, you do not need to match all 20 numbers to get a jackpot. This is because there’s a one in a quintillion (that’s a 19 digit number!) chance that you’ll get all 20 numerous right. Jackpots are usually given to players who have staked on 9 or 10 numbers that are all correct. On average, gamblers will usually stake on 3-9 numbers.

    Types of Keno Play Now Bets

    There are 5 bets that you can make while playing the game. Each has different payouts has the percentage chance of hitting varies. Here’s all the types of bets you can make:

    • Straight tickets: A straight ticket is a bet with a specific amount of numbers a player has chosen. To win, you’ll need to hit some or all the numbers depending on how many numerals you have selected. This type of ticket has only one selection of numbers.
    • Way tickets: a way ticket can have multiple selections of numbers. This ticket lets you choose groups of different number amounts. For example, you can select a group of 1-4, another group of 15-20, and then pair them together. There’s no limit to how many selections you can make. A popular bet is a 190-way ticket, which has 190 pay lines.
    • King number tickets: a king number ticket will have one number that is deemed a king number. It will be added to all your groupings of numbers, and it will be played as a spot by itself. Let’s say you have a ticket with duo 3 spot bets, and you select a king number. Now you’ll have 3 separate groupings, which makes them 4 spot bets.
    • Split tickets: a split ticket is a combination of more than one straight ticket. The payout would be the same if you were to bet on two separate straight tickets. This ticket is less used because you can’t select the same number twice.

    The Odds of Winning When You Play Keno Online

    oddsBefore you play any Keno game, it’s important to know what your chances of winning are. This is because you want to know the best odds and not repeatedly stake on low-probability tickets. To find out the RTP information of any Keno game, go to the description section. Usually, the RTP varies anywhere between 75% to 92%. However, this heavily depends on the types of bet you make.

    Here are the odds of hitting which depend on the amount of numbers you have chosen:

    • Numbers picked: 1, odds 1 in 4.
    • Numbers picked: 2, odds 1 in 17.
    • Numbers picked: 3, odds 1 in 73.
    • Numbers picked: 4, odds 1 in 327.
    • Numbers picked: 5, odds 1 in 1,551.
    • Numbers picked: 6, odds 1 in 7,753.
    • Numbers picked: 7, odds 1 in 40,980.
    • Numbers picked: 8, odds 1 in 230,115.
    • Numbers picked: 9, odds 1 in 1,380,688.
    • Numbers picked: 10, odds 1 in 8,911,712.

    The Best Keno Strategies

    strategyUnlike other games, Keno doesn’t really have a winning strategy. You can implement betting tactics, but that will not change the odds of winning. The numbers are drawn randomly, and all 80 have an equal chance of hitting. Here’s two strategies that you can try:

    • Strategy 1: you can place stakes on grouped numbers. For example, betting on numbers 1-7 or any grouped numbers between 1-80.
    • Strategy 2: unlike the first option, you’ll be changing the numbers randomly each round. This method provides a thrilling experience since you’ll be trying all sorts of number combinations.

    Some players decide to play the same group of numbers, while others change their numbers each round. Also, some gamblers think that picking grouped numbers will increase their odds of winning. However, there is no proof that this is the case.

    Best Types of Keno

    Types of Keno


    Keno has been around for a long time on the gambling scene. As the game gained popularity, multiple variations have been invented. The best types of Keno are:

    • Single-card Keno: the simplest variation is single-card Keno. Players can select 1 to 15 numbers on the 80 digit board. The more numbers that match your card, the better payout you’ll receive.
    • Multi-card Keno: this variant lets you have multiple cards instead of 1. Players can select up to 7 cards and choose 15 different numbers. Therefore, increasing the odds of having a successful round.
    • Progressive jackpot Keno: a thrilling experience that no other type of Keno will bring is the progressive jackpot. It gives players a chance to win huge prize pools if they are successful in guessing all the numbers. The game mechanics are exactly the same as the original version. However, the pay lines are a lot different. The jackpot increases when a player loses a round. Their stake is divided between the casino and the prize pool. Once a player hits the jackpot, it’s reset, and the cycle continues.
    • Power Keno: the game features a unique aspect compared to other variations. A popular type is the Dragon Power Keno, which has a standard 80 spot board with a 20 number draw. Gamblers can select 3-10 number spots, and if 5 or more Dragons are hit, the player is rewarded with bonus offers.

    Tips and Tricks That Will Help You Save Money

    To prevent yourself from losing money, you should know the best tips and tricks. Implementing them in your games will improve your chances of winning significantly.

    • Know the rules: before you play any game, you should know all the rules. A gambling site will often post the basics of the game and not dive into the details. You should go out of your way to find every rule surrounding the game. Knowing aspects like winning odds and house rules will improve your chances of winning.
    • Check the pay lines: know the odds before you place a stake. Often, gamblers will see the amazing payouts if all numbers are hit. However, they don’t take the time to check what their chances of winning are. Since every game is unique, the pay lines are different. To find out your odds of winning, head over to the game’s description, and you’ll notice the RTP.
    • Manage your bankroll: the worse feeling is logging in to see that you have a low bankroll. A rule of thumb is to place stakes that are 1% of your total bankroll. For example, if you deposited $1,000, only place $1 stakes. This gives you plenty of games to play and a chance to go positive. Also, make sure you are claiming bonuses to give yourself more winning chances.
    • Use free games: demo games are a great way to familiarize yourself with Keno. You can place stakes for free and learn the game mechanics without risking your capital.
    • Choose between 4 and 8 numbers: to give yourself the best pay lines, select stakes on 4-8 numbers. This will give you great odds of hitting and improving your bankrolls.

    Offline VS Online Keno

    Nothing will beat the atmosphere of playing at a real-life location. The community is fun, and when a player wins, everybody gets excited. Also, you can purchase food and drinks at the casino. The closest thing to a land-based gambling location online is a live casino. It features a dealer that is live-streamed who will spin the balls. In addition, players can communicate with each other and the dealer via live chat.

    On the other hand, you can play various Keno games on online casinos. Every minute a new round starts, which means you can get more games in. Also, you won’t need to travel to a land-based location, so you’ll save time and money.

    Online Keno Mobile

    mobileThe best online casinos will have an app developed. You can download it to play Keno games. The content is optimized for a smaller screen, and the animations are well done. The applications are usually compatible with Android, Windows,  and iOS devices.

    Payment Methods


    Most gambling sites will implement multiple deposits and withdrawals options for convenience. The most popular methods are credit cards, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, and cryptocurrency.


    Keno Glossary

    Aggregate Limitmaximum amount a player can win in a single round
    Ballsthey are spun in a sphere and randomly selected
    Bankrollthe amount of cash you have in the casino
    Betrisk of money placed against a specific outcome
    Callersomeone who calls your bet
    Closedafter a time period, a Keno game will be closed of bets
    Drawwhen you and the house don’t win
    Fieldanother word for the Keno board
    Flashboarda board that highlights winning numbers
    Goosea part of the Keno machine that picks up numbers
    Hitwhen you hit a number
    Houseanother word for casino
    House Edgethe odds of the casino winning the bet
    Markwhen you select a number it will be marked
    Openwhen a new round begins
    Pay Tablethe odds of winning are displayed on a table
    Punch Outsa list of previous games and the winning numbers
    Random Number Generatoran algorithm that generates random numerals
    Spota spot is a selected number
    Ticketa type of bet you can place on Keno
    Tournamenta series of games where players compete to get 1st place
    Way Ticketa bet that lets you choose several different selections of numbers
    Writera person who supervises Keno games


    Do all online casinos in Canada have Keno for real money?

    Unfortunately, not all online casinos will have the game mode. This is because it’s not as popular as blackjack, roulette, or poker.

    Is online Keno rigged?

    Online Keno is not rigged if you play on a trustworthy casino. Make sure that the gambling site has active licenses from gambling commissions. Also, you can check if the game has been audited by eCOGRA, which verifies everything is fair play.

    What is a payout percentage?

    A payout percentage is the chances of hitting a specific bet. Each game will have a description that will show you the odds of winning.

    Are online Keno games fair?

    If you play on a trustworthy website, you can be assured that the content is fair to play. A great way to verify if you’re playing on a trusted casino is if they have active licenses. You can check by scrolling down on the casino’s home page. There you will see the license number that you can fact check.

    Where is the best place to play Keno?

    Several casinos offer amazing Keno content. You can find them by searching on various search engines. Make sure to read reviews before depositing money so that you know the site is trustworthy.

    Is there a Keno strategy that I can use?

    Unfortunately, no strategy will improve your chances. However, players tend to place stakes on grouped numbers. Alternatively, gamblers will select random numbers for each round. The percentage chance does not change, so you won’t gain an advantage using strategies.

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