Blacklisted Online Gambling Sites - How to Protect Yourself

Most Canadian online platforms offer safe, secure gaming with top-quality customer support and fast withdrawal times. Of course, not all casinos are the same, and there is a small minority that are out to trick players by offering substandard gambling and slow or non-existent withdrawals. We have rounded up these wayward platforms and have added them to our online Canadian casino blacklist to help you to avoid them.

If you want to know where to find the best online casino in Сanada to play in 2023, bookmark this page now. By coming back here regularly, you can keep up-to-date with any new casinos we add to our blacklist that should be avoided, and any that have been removed due to initiating improvements that make them safe, fun, secure places on which players from Canada can now enjoy quality gambling experiences.

Why Casinos Get Blacklisted

There are various reasons as to why a Canadian online gambling platform might find its way onto our blacklist. It’s something that we do only when we are 100% certain that they pose a threat to you, the player. Our team of experienced professionals knows everything there is to know about online gambling – the good and the bad. When we blacklist a site, you can be sure that it deserves it.

The most common complaint that leads to Canadian online gambling Houses being blacklisted is with regard to problems regarding players trying to withdraw their winnings.

Regrettably, some platforms are simply averse to paying out big money prizes and will come up with any excuse to try and avoid having to do so. Sometimes they prolong the time players have to wait to receive any winnings on the chance that they will give up in exasperation. Another trick is to deny you access to your winnings on the pretext that you have contravened their terms and conditions in some way.

One of the other reasons we blacklist some Canadian casinos is because they fail to indicate and substantiate that they offer fair gaming. It’s something they can do quite easily if they so wish. All they have to do is employ the services of an independent auditing agency like eCOGRA. This agency will then regularly test the casino’s random number generator to ensure that it always provides with a truly random outcome.

As far as we’re concerned, if an online platform isn’t totally transparent, it doesn’t deserve your custom, and we will blacklist it accordingly.

Other reasons that result in online platforms in Canada finding their way onto our blacklist include:

  • Spamming their members
  • Advertising bonuses and promotions that don’t deliver
  • Offering ridiculously disadvantageous terms and conditions
  • Providing poor or non-existent customer support

You can rest assured that any sub-standard Canadian online casino we come across will be reported on our blacklist, for whatever reason.

Monitoring Our Bogus Online Canadian Platform Blacklist

We are fully aware of our responsibilities when we publish a casino blacklist. Our 1st priority is to make sure that the Canadian gamblers are made aware of these bogus sites. But we also have a responsibility to the gambling houses themselves. If they carry out the necessary improvements, we will eventually remove them from our blacklist.

That’s why it’s important to bookmark our website so you can be kept up-to-date with the latest comings and goings-on our platform blacklist.

Last Updated: 02 August 2022

21 Dukes CasinoRestrictive Payouts
Cherry Red CasinoRestrictive Payouts
Cirrus CasinoRestrictive Payouts
Atlantic Casino ClubUnfair Gaming
AztecasinoUnfair Gaming
Euro City CasinoRestrictive Payouts
Euro Max PlayBogus Promotions
Euro MoonUnfair Gaming
Giant Vegas CasinoUnfair Gaming
Giant Vegas CasinoUnfair Gaming
21 Dukes CasinoRestrictive Payouts
21 NovaSuspicious Activity
50 Stars CasinoRestrictive Payouts
7 Regal CasinoSuspicious Activity
99 Slot MachinesRestrictive Payouts
Absolute PokerUnfair Gaming
Aff PowerSuspicious Activity
Casino KingOther Suspicious Activity
Casino LustRestrictive Payouts
City Tower CasinoUnfair Gaming

Taking a Casino Off Our Blacklist

As mentioned above, casinos can improve their performance, and where they do so, we are pleased to remove them from the blacklist.

Online gambling platforms change their owners from time to time, and the new bosses may be aware that immediate improvements are necessary. Where this happens, we are only too happy to remove their blacklisting and, if all of the details confirm with our expectations, they can be added to our reliable online Canadian casino listing.

It is not something that happens overnight. We like to ensure that the changes are long-lasting before we are prepared to give them the green light.

Regrettably, removals are not something we do very often. Most of the unscrupulous gambling platforms that appear on our blacklist are only too happy to carry on trying to scam Canadian gamblers, in which case we leave them firmly where they are for all to see. If everyone takes our advice, eventually, with your help, these bogus platforms will disappear.

How to Report a Bogus Online Canadian Gambling House

As diligent as we are, it is not possible to review every Canadian online casino out there in cyberspace. So we ask you, the Canadian gambler, to report any bad experiences you might have when gambling online.

All we ask is that you send us a brief email with the name and address of the platform and a short resume of the problem you have encountered. Our team will then check the site out and if we uphold your concerns, rest assured they will be added to our blacklist, to avoid any other players getting caught out.

How to Find the Best Online Canadian Gambling Platforms

Here on this website, we don’t just blacklist bogus online gambling houses, we also recommend top-quality sites that welcome players from Canada.

Our brief here at is to ensure that Canadian gamblers have access to the top online platforms offering the best games, from world-leading software providers with some great bonuses and promotions, and all in a safe, secure environment. We even test a House’s customer support to make sure it’s top-notch.

Whatever your taste in games, be it slots, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, classic casino table games, sports betting or live casino, you’re sure to find an online platform that meets your needs for free or real money gambling right here on our website. Don’t forget, bookmark us today.


What exactly is a blacklisted casino?

A blacklisted gambling house is an on-site platform that we have reviewed and found not to be up to an acceptable standard. Reasons can vary. It might be the withholding of winnings, not providing fair games, or having substandard customer support. If you come across a platform on our blacklist, you should avoid it.

Why is it I should avoid casinos on your blacklist?

Any casino found on our blacklist presents a threat to Canadian gamblers. They may scam you with bogus bonus offers, offer ridiculous wagering requirements, and take ages to action withdrawals, if they action them at all. Do yourself a favour, give any such sites a miss, or report them to us if you don’t already see them on our blacklist.

I’ve already signed up to a dodgy casino watched I do now?

If you've already registered on one of these blacklisted sites, you should try and recover your deposit. However, the chances are you will not be able to. Please ensure you do not deposit any further money on that platform. If the casino is not already on our blacklist, please advise, and then feel free to check out the list of recommended online gambling platforms here on the website.

Can I get a refund?

It’s highly unlikely that you will be able to get your deposit back, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. If the casino is licensed, we recommend contacting the licensing agency and informing them of the problem. If enough people report this type of problem, the platform’s licence will be withdrawn.

How can I tell if a site is dodgy?

The best way of establishing whether an online gaming house can be trusted or not is to check out its gambling industry licensing. If it’s not licensed, we recommend you steer clear. You can also read various casino forums from time to time and pick up on any casinos that have got bad press. The best place to tell whether or not a platform is legitimate, of course, is the blacklist here on this website.

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